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Apple Reveals All-New Emojis

Apple has unveiled over 70 new emoji designs which are expected to be on all iPhone, iPad, Mac and iWatch devices by this fall.

Google Is Bringing Morse Code To IOS Users

Morse Code was an old piece of technology designed to communicate with others before telephones, email, and texting were even thought of. However, it doesn't seem to have been mentioned much these day...

This New York Penthouse Has The Perfect Patio

The Crown Penthouse at 212 Fifth Avenue, a five-bedroom, 10,079 square foot residence listed at $73,800,000 is considered a modern masterpiece. Located on Madison Square Park, the apartment was design...

Foods That Will Help Build Muscle

Trying to build muscle but not getting the desired results? Here are some foods and drinks that could help you with that.

Adobe To Bring Photoshop To iPads In 2019

For those who long to create and edit graphics or photos on your iPad, you will be happy to know that Adobe will finally bring the full Photoshop experience to your screens in 2019.

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