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20 Celebs Who Can't Get Along With Anyone

Pop Culture

The celeb world contains some real characters. The majority of celebrities might seem rather mundane, just your run-of-the mill celebs. They smile for the cameras, go about their business in the corre...

15 Female Celebs Who Pretend To Be Nerds

Pop Culture

Female celebs encompass many different types from different industries. They’re not all generic blonde bombshells who are fashionistas and obsessed with their looks. But the fact remains that the ster...

20 American Ex-Olympians: Where Are They Now?


It’s a tough job being a professional athlete. The rewards are great, but the sacrifice and dedication you need to have for your craft consumes you and takes precedence over pretty much everything els...

20 Photos Of A-Rod's Best Fashion Looks


Dominican-American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman Alex Rodriguez is someone who just loves the limelight. As a baseball pro in the MLB, he achieved fame and fortune playing f...

15 Celeb Co-Stars That Are Very Close


There are constantly stories being circulated regarding the goings-on in the celeb world by the gossip-hungry press. Such writers, journalists and the paparazzi are constantly baying for juicy bits of...

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